Fire Risk Assessments

Don’t get caught out – trust SF Fire to provide your Fire Risk Assessment

Is your Fire Risk Assessment fit for purpose? Will your staff and premises be protected if the worse happens?

Since the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005, Fire Risk Assessments have replaced Fire certificates for the workplace. A professional Fire Risk Assessment removes much of the accountability faced by non-industry people attempting to assess premises.

It is illegal to operate any business without an adequate Fire Risk Assessment.

Our risk assessors find potentially life-threatening factors in more than 80% of sites previously assessed by a non-professional.

For businesses without suitably trained or qualified fire safety experts, it’s vitally important to bring in the right kind of outside help.In other words, avoid the opportunists who have set up to make a quick buck but have little experience of fire safety.

Five reasons to choose SF Fire for your Fire Risk Assessment

  1. We only employ Risk Assessors with a minimum of five years experience
  2. All of our Risk Assessors have a background in fire prevention or fire training
  3. All of our Risk Assessors are comprehensively insured
  4. We demand excellence in the presentation of our findings – our documents are bound and a full in-person debrief is given
  5. You can contact us on the telephone at all times, for free, independent advice

In addition, we offer competitively priced Risk Assessments, a proven record in customer service and a background in the fire safety industry going back to 1973.

The Fire Risk Assessment process

Our first and foremost interest is the safety of your staff and business.

Following a thorough inspection of your premises, our assessors will write a detailed report of their findings. If we find anything that needs urgent attention, for example dangerous malpractice, we will advise you on the action required while still on site.

Less urgent actions are detailed in a fully comprehensive, easy-to-follow Risk Assessment, which includes a timelined action plan.

Fire Management and Evacuation Procedures tailored specifically to your building are also available. Call us on 01484 714076 for more information.

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